My First Blog Post

Here goes nothing! It's been 10 years since I've blogged. I remember my first time in college blogging with my sister about our sisterhood and our differences. I remember blogging about art when I was painting loads of portraits and fashion when I wanted to be a fashion designer. They were all short-lived blogs. This one may very well be short-lived, but I am here to try again, this time with 5 years of running a little business under my belt. I am trying to figure out how to best put myself out there and connect with the world around me using the tools we have. Instagram scares me and depresses me and confuses me for the most part. So maybe this place is more safe. I want to express myself somewhere because I do want to connect with people and grow and figure out who I am. And art is expression and artists need to express. It's a lonely trade but an important one. I'm sure I'll touch on that later. I can't connect by being silent and simply posting doodles. I am hear to find deeper meaning, with everything really. This blog is for me and will hopefully turn into something meaningful for you too. #makelifefun